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"Classic LA Happy Hours"


Once upon a Roaring 20’s, pleasure-seekers who wished to imbibe in a social environment would sneak down an alley, sidle up to an unmarked door and whisper a password. Past this secret entrance a flight of stairs would lead to a small, dimly-lit room full of interesting people, where a charming bartender whipped up complex cocktails with gangstesaxr spirits and a wink.


Although alcohol is thankfully no longer illegal, speakeasies or “blind tigers” are making a comeback as many are tiring of the crass “look how drunk I can get” Jersey Shore ethos of body shots partying, blinged tigers and bad behavior. Conspicuous consumption is so 2008.


Underground (literally) and unconventional, speakeasies serve signature cocktails that are usually high-priced, despite their Depression Era inspiration. However a few of these LA dark spots have introduced happy hours, giving those who don’t like loud, overcrowded and overpriced bars a delightful option: get there early and enjoy the easy ambience and unique venue before the night sets in, even if you have to duck out of the afternoon like a misbehaving flapper to do so.


You won’t find bathtub gin but rather high-end cocktails like “The Duchess” (Bianco, Carpano Antica, absinthe & orange bitters) under the warm red glow at Tar Pit in West Hollywood. Here the “Guilded Hour” takes place seven days a week from 5PM-6:30PM, when specialty cocktails are half-price, glasses of red or white wine are $5 and a range of snacks go for $2.50-$5.


If you prefer a gangster lean, check out the much-heralded Crocker Club downtown, marked only with a black flag above the door. Located in a converted bank vault complete with open safe, money-counting rooms and two classy bar areas, you’ll have some cash left to count if you hit this joint during the Wednesday through Friday 5PM-7:30PM happy hour that features $5 well drinks, $2 off specialty beers and discount appetizers. Later in the night the snazzy new bar becomes busy and loud- but early on, you might even be able to hear the ghosts that reportedly haunt the premises.



Behind a black door with a golden lion’s head (a replica of 10 Downing Door in London) and down a dark flight of stairs is The Association. This elegant basement lounge serves artisinal cocktails and boasts “Social Hours” from 5PM-9PM Monday through Friday with a specialty menu at discounted prices. Dark leather love seats, shimmering chandeliers and mysterious strangers await your arrival.


The moonshiniest of LA’s speakeasies is The Edison, located in a converted power plant downtown that was built in 1910. In this steampunk setting one can imagine bootleggers hiding out with their stashes and collecting slipped bills from cheeky young revelers looking to play. On Wednesday through Friday from 5PM-7PM, try a vintage cocktail for $1 (limit one) and take 40% off the rest of the bar. Eye artifacts from an era of industry while you sip your muddled or bittered drink, and celebrate the current legality of spirited libations with what else? Another round.