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January 20th, 2014

by Maren Swanson


Attention all Trader Joe's fans! Stop by Tuesday, January 28th for their celebration of National Appetizer Day! Seriously, there's a day to celebrate everything these days and we can't wait until November 12th (take a wild guess on what that day is). Anyway, stop by your local Trader Joe's on the 28th and receive appetizer tastings, in-store surprises and yummy ideas for the upcoming Super Bowl.


The team uses TJ's for a bunch of our drink and food recipes, so since we are on the subject, we have a some helpful tips for your happy hour budget. Save time and money with these Trader Joe's deals we know you'll love. Happy National Appetizer Day!


1) Are you a Fondue guru? Try Trader Joe's Swiss and Gruyere Shredded Cheese Blend.



Buying individual wedges of cheese can add up, and the process of grating them individually can take up a lot of time. Try using this blend at your next wine and cheese party to make a classic swiss fondue; it will save you a half hour of arm work and costs around $4.


2) Vodka your thing? Mix things up with Cupcake's Verry Berry Vodka.




If you're a fan of Cupcake wines, than you should definitely give their vodka a try. Most Trader Joe's sell the popular berry and lemon flavored vodkas in a swanky blue bottle, and the best part is…it's only $4.99. A no brainer.


3) Snack attack? Pair TJ's Everything Pretzel Slims with Trader Joe's Spicy Hummus.


TJ's Everything Pretzel Crisps are loaded with flavors of garlic, sesame seeds, rye and poppy seeds and they are only 0.5 grams of fat per serving (23 chips). They go great with TJ's spicy hummus and you won't feel guilty after indulge in this under $5 combo.






*Beer suggestion: This snack pairing goes great with Sierra Nevada's Ruthless Rye IPA which you can also purchase by the pack at TJ's.




4) Truffle fan? Take home Trader Joe's Himalayan Salt with Truffles.




Warning: I'm newly obsessed with this product. I've shied away from truffle products in the past due to their hefty price tag, but I purchased Trader Joes' truffle salt the other day for around $5 and it was to die for. Sprinkle truffle salt on your baked potato or scrambled eggs and I bet you will be a believer too.




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