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Thanksgiving is right around the corner and I don't know about you, but usually end up stuffing my face that day and drinking a lot of wine or beer. And after I've had a huge dose of tryptophan and turkey, I'm ready to crash. How is it that my friends and family are always ready to drive straight into desert - especially pie?


"Lite of Pie" video recipe


Well, I recently came up with drink that gives me the best of both worlds and saves me on the carbs and calories. I have created a coffee cocktail that will perk you up from that turkey trance: The Lite of Pie. Taste the flavors of Thanksgiving dessert without all of the guilt.




To make this drink, you will need coffee, Ciroc Amaretto, Pumpkin Spice Liquor, Hazelnut coffee creamer, whipped cream and ginger snaps. You can make you own homemade whipped cream (spiking it is optional too), but we chose canned Reddi Whip because we trying to save on calories for this particular drink. This Thanksgiving cocktail is low-cal and so easy to make. Enjoy and have a Happy Thanksgiving!




The Lite of Pie cocktail:


1 Cup of Coffee
3/4 oz Ciroc Amaretto
3/4 oz Pumpkin Spice Liquor
1 oz Sugar Free Hazelnut Coffee Creamer
1 Cup of Coffee
2 Dashes of Pumpkin Pie Spice
Fat Free Whipped Cream
Ginger Snap Cookies (crumbled)



Make it:


Add Ciroc Amaretto, Pumpkin Spice Liquor, Creamer and pumpkin pie spice to your cup of coffee. Top with whipped cream and crumbled ginger snap cookies. Serve. Enjoy. It's that easy!





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Makin' it with Maren

Makin' it with Maren: Mixology Made Easy

by Maren Swanson

November 26th, 2013


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