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"Nic's Martini Lounge"
by Maren Swanson


Dear Love,

On Canon Street in Beverly Hills, you will find a tucked away restaurant/lounge called, Nic's. I headed there for happy hour on Monday, and waited for my friend to show up. He completely flaked on me! Oh well, I thought. I turned to the television and noticed Game 5 of Suns vs. Trailblazers. Instantly, my mood shifted and I focused on the nail-biting game in front of me. The bar area was packed. Immediately after I sat, a bubbly bartender introduced herself and mentioned that it was happy hour all night on Monday nights. The theme is SEVEN MONDAYS and they offer a $7 glass of Sauvignon Blanc and a "featured happy hour martini." All of the regularly priced appetizers are all $7.


Nas, usually the Monday night DJ, was filling in for another bartender and suggested that I start with the grilled jumbo shrimp cocktail. I ordered, and meanwhile one of the bartenders poured me a sample of a martini she calls, "effervescence." It's made with elderflower liquor and it was fantastic! The shrimp cocktail arrived skirted around the edge of a martini glass. How appropriate. The jumbo shrimp were hot off the grill, served with a semi-spicy house-made cocktail sauce and accompanied with a lemon.  The dish was simple, yet flavorful. Moments later, Nas sent me two of their Fanny Bay oysters served warm in the shell over sautéed spinach and topped with walnuts (on the house). So far, I'm having a blast a Nic's! They really know how to take care of their guests.

Now being one of the only solo females at the bar, I was approached by a few suits, attempting to, "get in my mix," so to speak. No one was overly aggressive, thankfully. I would have to say that the majority of the bar crowd is predominantly an overflow of Beverly Hills businessmen. Trust me, no complaints from this lady. However, next time I will come aptly prepared with graceful brush-off lines for when I'm interrupted during my Suns game. Can't you men understand I want to watch my basketball? LOL.


Either way, next time I'm checking out the, VODBOX, a walk-in freezer featuring specialty Vodkas from all over the world, and caviar. For first-timers on Monday it's guessed it, $7. NICely done, Nic's.





Nic's Martini Lounge - Happy Hour
453 N. Canon Dr.
Beverly Hills, CA 90210