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Isla Cantina - Happy Hour

By Tara Redfield



Dear Love,


I have recently moved into a new neighborhood that happens to be very close to the Sunset Strip. Fabulous right? There are so many restaurants and bars, which means lots of happy hours to explore! I did my research and decided to give Isla Ctacoantina a try. The word on the street was that they had some pretty tasty tacos! Enough said.


It had been a while since I had seen Mirele, so I asked her if she would like to join me. She was in, as usual, and she invited her friend May to join too. Three is never a crowd for happy hour.


I picked up Mirele and realized that driving to happy hour in the dark wasn't something I was used to, but, winter in LA had arrived. The early darkness and warm pink tights on my legs told me so. We found parking pretty easily on Holloway, then walked the short distance to the bar. May was already inside waiting for us. We weren't sure whether to sit at the bar or to take a seat by the window...or to...sit next to the pug? The manager quickly greeted us and offered a table on the covered outdoor patio, glowing and warm with heat lamps of course. So yes, we sat next to the pug. Apparently he and his owner were regulars. The Pug looked very content, mouth open and tongue bobbing. I decided he must know something about this place. I wish I could remember his name.


May was dressed in her workout clothes. "Did you just get done working out?" I asked. "Oh, no I'm actually going to walk up the street to pilates after this." She casually explained. Any woman that does happy hour before pilates is definitely a friend of mine!


It didn't take me long to make my choices. Pina Colada? I don't remember the last time I saw this on a happy hour menu! You bet I ordered one. As for food, I knew I was there to conquer the tacos, it was just a matter of meat selection. Carnitas? Sure. Mirele went with steak, and May went with ahi...and Margaritas. Then the three of us decided to share the "happy pizza" with chicken. Feast on!


pizza pinamargarita


My Pina Colada was huge and I loved it! I couldn't have cared less about the sugar calories...mmmmm. Mirele thought the Margarita was a little on the sweet side itself, but didn't think it was a bad thing.


The tacos were huge too! You are seriously getting your money and meat's worth! I ordered three and only finished one and a half. Well, I managed to stuff some pizza in my tummy somewhere too. The pizza was really, really good. The funny thing is though, I wouldn't have described it as being traditional pizza. The dough was very soft, but delicious. It was almost like a thick flatbread. After we had no more bites or swallows to spare, Mirele and I decided that the pizza was our favorite out of everything we ordered. Happy indeed!


One bar down and who knows how many more to go! I think I'm going to like living here. I hope you'll be able to visit me soon!





Isla Cantina

8788 W Sunset Blvd
West Hollywood, CA 90069

(310) 657-8100



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