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Avuá Cachaça: There's a New Spirit in Town

Avuá Cachaça

I'm always open to try up and coming spirits on the market and last week I was able to experience one that was both "old" and new, Avuá Cachaça. Brazilian Cachaça has been around since the 1530's and has been commonly referred to as "Brazilian rum," but what most don't know is that rum is distilled with molasses and cachaca is actually distilled from sugarcane juice. I wouldn't typically order a Cachaça-based cocktail at the bar if I'm out, but perhaps that will change after my recent encounter with Avuá.

I met with co-founder Nate Whitehouse the other evening at Cana Rum Bar and I had the pleasure of tasting his newly re-leased Avuá Cachaça. He described his spirit as a cross between rum and tequila and you can sip his two styles, Prata (the silver version) and Amburana (darker, matured in South American Amburana wood) or enjoy them mixed into craft cocktails. Typically you may drink Cachaça in a Caipirinha, but according to Nate you can try Avuá Cachaça in classic cocktail recipes like an Old Fashioned or Negroni - and yes, it tastes great.

Avuá Cachaça

    Nate, a lawyer at Goldman Sachs in New York City, is a world traveler and he has a special love for Brazil and its culture. That special love and one unique evening at one of Brooklyn's local Brazilian bars, Miss Favela, inspired him to create his new brand. He and co-owner Pete Nevenglosky launched Avuá in April of 2013 and it has already received top ratings in Wine Enthusiast and other reviews. Haven't spotted it yet? Don't fret. Following it's debut in the New York City cocktail scene, you will start to find Avuá Cachaça now served in Los Angeles bars including La Descarga, Hakkasan in Beverly Hills and Caña Rum Bar.

    If you are a curious cocktail connoisseur, then Avuá Cachaça will be right up your drinking alley. I found the flavors surprisingly smooth and layered. It seems to have some nice versatility and I can't wait to get mixing things up. Move over Mezcal, this Cachaça chica is ready for a new drink.



  • 2oz. Avuá Cachaça Prata
  • 1oz. limeade
  • 1oz. soda water
  • 1 squeezed lime
  • Ice


    Shaken stirred, serve on the rocks. Garnish with cucumber slice.

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    March 31st, 2014

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