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Bloody Buffalo Bones: Crockpot Buffalo Style Drumsticks

By: Maren Swanson • October 25th, 2014
Bloody Buffalo Bones: Crockpot Buffallo Style Drumsticks #Halloween #recipe #chicken #crockpot #drumsticks

Do you want an easy Halloween-inspired dish that's easy and affordable? Well, I have the perfect solution for you: Bloody Buffalo Bones! I am not kidding, this entire meal cost me under $10 and it was a huge hit at my Walking Dead premiere party. The entire recipe only took me about 20 minutes to prep and then I just walked away for a few hours to continue cleaning my place while it cooked in the crock pot. I seriously love crock pot recipes for this reason when I'm entertaining.

It about five hours or less, you literally will have fall-off-the-bone fantastic spicy chicken drumsticks that are party ready. I went to the grocery store the day before my event and I found an entire pack of chicken drumsticks in the 50% off freezer section for only $3.42. Yes, I got 16 drumsticks for $3.42! Next, I purchased a bottle of Crystal hot sauce for $2.69 and a small can of tomato paste for $.99. So yes, for about $8, I was able to make a crowd-pleasing dish that was fast and flavorful.

This Buffalo chicken drumstick recipe is ready in about 4 hours, but if you want the meat to really just fall off as guest pick them up (extra spooky and more tender), then cook them on low for up to 5 hours. Definitely check them at four hours to do the "tender test." I printed up a label that read: Bloody Buffalo Bones - Fall-off-the-Bone Fantastic and placed it in front of the crock pot. I also placed a cup of forks and a plate with some tongs so guests could serve themselves. GO make these and save some time and money for your next Halloween party so your entertaining process will be stress-free!

Bloody Buffalo Bones: Crockpot Buffallo Style Drumsticks #Halloween #recipe #chicken #crockpot #drumsticks