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Turkey and Cabbage "Slim-Down" Crock Pot Soup

By: Maren Swanson • October 1st, 2014
Turkey & Cabbage "slim-down" Crock Pot Soup #healthy #recipe #cabbage #soup #turkey #crockpot

Yesterday, I received what I call a "happy accident." I had ordered some red cabbage from a new Farmers' Market doorstep delivery company that I'm newly obsessed with so I could make some of my braised red cabbage. However, when I went to check my delivery bag and its contents, I discovered a big green cabbage in its place. Now instead of emailing them to correct the situation, I decided to just try and make the best of what I had received. So, what the frig was I going to make with green cabbage...?!

Green Cabbage
Trader Joe's Teeny Tiny Potatoes

Well, it just so happens that I have an audition at the end of the week because recently I've decided to ease my way back into "the business" when I'm not blogging. Auditions are a great reminder that I need to slim down, lol. You want to feel slender and good about yourself when your "in the room," so what better way to kick-off my slim down routine than with cabbage soup?! We've all heard of those infamous cabbage soup diets, but if I was going to try a few days of eating cabbage soup, then it better be good...

I decided to make my cabbage soup with lean ground turkey and make it crock pot style so I could save time for running my lines! I coarsely chopped up my fresh cabbage and then layered all of the ingredients with the turkey on top and then I turned it on low and walked away. What I came back to was a delicious, low-fat cabbage soup that lasted me for days and help me slim down a bit. My Turkey and Cabbage "slim-down" Soup has no added oil and the turkey meat I used is extra lean so you still get some nice protein but you don't have to feel guilty about eating it. Look, sometimes "happy accidents" can be a good thing - I put my cabbage to good use and I'm feeling HAPPY!

Turkey & Cabbage "slim-down" Crock Pot Soup #healthy #recipe #cabbage #soup #turkey #crockpot #healthy