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Ham leftovers? Try this Easter Egg Croque Monsieur.

By: Maren Swanson • April 3rd, 2016
Easter Egg Croque Monsieur recipe by Maren Swanson.

Every year, I make a big ham for Easter regardless of how many people we have over and every year I have tons of ham leftovers! I usually always make a crockpot split pea ham and soup, but this year I’ve decided to get creative and come up with a few new leftover Easter ham recipes including my husband’s new favorite: Easter Egg Croque Monsieur. We. Are. Obsessed.

What is a Croque Monsieur you ask? Well, basically it’s a fancy French version of a ham and cheese sandwich – usually fried or grilled. Since I’m still trying to keep my wedding figure, I decided to skip on the fried part and go Panini style instead. I can’t tell you how amazing this sandwich tastes and how easy it is to make! I will also say that this would probably be a great brunch hangover dish.

Easter Egg Croque Monsieur

You could definitely make this sandwich in a frying pan, but the Panini maker is so easy to use and it gives this sandwich a perfect melt with great grill marks. I picked up some fresh organic eggs from the farmer’s market and they tasted delicious! Pair these tasty ham, cheese and egg sandwiches with some bubbly mimosas during your weekend and you’ll be glad you did – trust me on this. Stay tuned for my other leftover Easter ham recipes and let me know what you think of this recipe.

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Easter Egg Croque Monsieur

Easter Egg Croque Monsieur by Maren Swanson. #ham #Easter #egg  #recipe

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