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Mini Reuben Crisps (Appetizer) Recipe.

By: Maren Swanson • April 7th, 2015
Mini Reuben Crisps (appetizer recipe). #recipe #appetizer #cornedbeef #Reuben

I’m always looking for quick appetizer ideas that are mouth and crowd pleasing, so I’m supa excited to share my latest happytizer with you: Mini Reuben Crisps! If you love a Reuben sandwich, then you’ll love my latest corned beef recipe. I came up with this idea when my boyfriend and I were taping my Reuben Sandwich recipe for my Makin’ it with Maren YouTube channel. We just used our Reuben-inspired ingredients and threw together one of the tastiest and quickest snacks we’ve ever made.

Trader Joe's Baked Pita Crackers with Sea Salt.

So swipe out your rye bread and use some crispy pita chips to create these simple and savory bites. I’m newly obsessed with Trader Joe’s Pita Baked Crackers made with sea salt, and I’m just warning you now that you’ll probably notice a few more subsequent recipes with these crunchy discs. Anyway, to make this cracker appetizer, you’ll need corned beef or pastrami, pita crackers, Thousand Island dressing, sauerkraut, Swiss cheese and some rosemary. The chopped rosemary was a last minute idea to add some color and extra flavor and I’m glad I went with my gut!

Thousand Island Dressing

Yes, these Mini Reuben Crisps would be great for St. Patrick’s Day but really, they’d just be good for any ol’ occasion. I made the corned beef we used in the crock pot but store bought and sliced meat from the deli will work just as well. If you really want to kick the flavor up a notch, then I suggest sprinkling on some everything bagel seasoning right after the cheese melts on top! Can you believe they bottle that stuff up? I hope you enjoy my Mini Reuben Crisps and let me know what you think!

Watch our video recipe below to get both our Reuben Crisps and Reuben Sandwich recipe:

Mini Reuben Crisps

Mini Reuben Crisps (appetizer recipe). #recipe #appetizer #cornedbeef #Reuben