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Tilapia Ceviche Tostadas (recipe).

By: Maren Swanson • July 2nd, 2017
Tilapia Ceviche Tostadas

I was the world’s pickiest eater when I was a kid, but somehow I got turned on to raw fish on the docks of Rocky Point, Mexico, when I had my first ceviche tostada. I was about 10 years old, and for 50 pesos, I purchased fresh white fish that was diced and soaked in fresh lime juice. The whitefish was served over crispy corn tostadas and drizzled with hot sauce. I was hooked – so to speak!

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As an adult, I still crave those tostadas, especially when the temperature hits the high eighties! My new Tilapia Ceviche Tostadas recipe curbs my cravings for those dockside snacks, and I added a little “Maren” touch to them. I prefer using a mild whitefish like Tilapia, which is relatively inexpensive. You could forego using my guacamole recipe as a topping, but I think that would be a big mistake! It’s super east to make and it really brings the dish together.

Tilapia Ceviche Tostadas

Another reason I love this ceviche recipe is because it doesn’t require the use of the stove or oven. It can get unreasonably hot at my place during the summer, so I actively look for recipes that are no-bake or no-oven. If you head to your local farmer’s market, you may possibly even be able to get all of your fresh ingredients there. One of my new favorite farmer’s market in West Hollywood has a guy who sells fresh seafood with competitive prices – score!

Ceviche Tostada recipe

If you make my Tilapia Ceviche Tostadas, be sure to tag me @lovehappyhour so I can see your hard work on the screen! Have a great summer!

Tilapia Ceviche Tostadas (recipe)

Tilapia Ceviche Tostadas

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