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White Chocolate Christmas Pretzels: An Easy Holiday Recipe.

By: Maren Swanson • December 28th, 2014
White Chocolate Christmas Pretzels #Christmas #recipe #dessert #holidays

Christmas was a wonderful success this year. I hosted my family for the first time and cooked for four days. I was in charge of planning and cooking all of the meals, plus I ended up doing the cleaning, too. It was a lot of work, but it was so rewarding to have everyone in my home while I entertained for them. The plan was to do the holiday baking while my family was here. I thought it would be a great idea to bake with my sisters; we could chat and catch up, frost cupcakes and lick the batter from the bowls.

Unfortunately, we all got so caught up talking, eating and listening to Christmas music, that we never even got to the baking. So after everyone left, I finally decided to give it a go myself. And then it happened. I opened my refrigerator, grabbed my egg carton and realized I only had one egg left! I had gone through seventeen eggs while my family was here making breakfast burritos and other dishes. I was left with few options. I decided to go with the easiest Christmas treat to make with the fewest ingredients, white chocolate covered pretzels.

Look, I may have made these a couple of days after Christmas, but these White Chocolate Christmas Pretzels are a great gift idea to thank friends and family for coming over! They are easy to make, require few ingredients and they are a hit. Next time, though, I may just have to make these tasty treats in advance. By the way, try using gold colored sprinkles for these white chocolate covered pretzels and they will be perfect for your New Year's Eve festivities!

White Chocolate Christmas Pretzels #Christmas #recipe #dessert #holidays