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Matcha Green Tea Pistachio Muffins.

By: Maren Swanson • May 16th, 2020
Matcha Pistachio Green Tea Muffins

This week I’m going green on green! I’ve combined two of my favorite ingredients (matcha and pistachios) to make Matcha Green Tea Pistachio Muffins. Because why not get a mini caffeine boost and protein pick-up for my midday cravings at the same time? These energy packed muffins are both satisfying and delicious.

I usually use matcha powder to make my daily green tea latte, but it also works great for baking – just make sure it’s culinary grade. Macha is made from green tea leaves that have been grown in the shade and then ground into a powder. It has many health benefits including an abundance of antioxidants, which help fight disease in the body. So let’s make superhero matcha muffins!

Matcha Pistachio Green Tea Muffins

This matcha green tea pistachio muffin recipe is fairly easy to make. Mix your dry ingredients with your wet ingredients, bake, cool and frost! The icing and pistachio topping is entirely optional, but it’s so worth the extra calories. Besides, we’re using half whole wheat flour in this recipe, so it’s sort of on the healthier side, right? Wink, wink.

Rather than giving yourself extra work with deshelling the pistachios, purchase them as bagged pistachio meats with the shells already removed. It makes life so much easier! I buy mine at Trader Joe’s and they run about $5 a bag. Half of the pistachios will go in the mix and the other half will go on top, giving these matcha muffins a nice, crunchy texture.

Matcha Pistachio Green Tea Muffins

If you love either of these ingredients, or especially both, I urge you to make these Matcha Green Tea Pistachio Muffins. They’ll be the perfect snack between meals or go perfectly with that morning matcha late. If you make these, be sure to tag me on Instagram @lovehappyhour!

Matcha Green Tea Pistachio Muffins

Matcha Pistachio Green Tea Muffins

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