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Wild Smoked Salmon Bowl.

By: Maren Swanson • February 6th, 2020
Wild Smoked Salmon Bowl

I want to start off by apologizing. I’ve been MIA since the start of 2020, but I’m getting things back into gear with this new Wild Smoked Salmon Bowl! I took the entire month of January to get on track for the new year and create an action plan. A lot of this had to do with my diet. I’m a healthy person in general, but I wanted to see what difference I could make if I really took the whole “healthy lifestyle” thing seriously.

Wild Smoked Salmon Bowl recipe.

It all started with dry January. I cut out all alcohol for the whole month. I love wine, so this was kind of difficult at first, but I got the hang of it quickly was able to press on. The second part of my diet shift was cutting down on red meat. I tried to eat a lot of lean proteins and fish – especially salmon. While I do enjoy the fattiness of farm-raised salmon, wild salmon is really good for you. Wild Salmon is leaner and antibiotic-free, but it can also be on the pricier side.

For this recipe, I wanted to create a bowl-style meal packed with hearty, healthy vegetables, with wild salmon protein and a whole grain base. The base of this bowl consists of brown rice and quinoa, and then I topped it with smoked salmon, edamame, Persian cucumbers, pickled red onion, steamed brocolli, shredded carrots, avocado and some sliced cherry tomatoes. You could easily replace the smoked salmon in this recipe with some grilled salmon, but using the smoked salmon saved me some time and it tastes great.

Wild Smoked Salmon Bowl

This Wild Smoked Salmon Bowl will leave you feeling healthy and satisfied throughout the day, plus it tastes great! You can buy pre-made ponzu or make your own as I did. I hope you enjoy, and cheers to a healthy and happy 2020!

Wild Smoked Salmon Bowl

Wild Smoked Salmon Bowl

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