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Malo - Happy Hour
by Rachel Forman


Dear Love,


If you've taken elementary Spanish, you know that "malo" means "bad." If you've hit up the Silver Lake happy hour spot, you know that Malo doesn't do its name justice. Because it's good. See what I did there?



Malo! It's a self-proclaimed cantina suavecita with a quality hora feliz daily from 4-6. My friend Pilar and I discussed the possibility of working out, and, per usual, opted instead for a happy hour feast. Neither of us felt classy enough to splurge for valet, but nearby metered parking was ample. (I thought it was weird they had the valet going at 5 PM for a near empty parking lot, but hey, I came for the cheap fare, not the parking.)


The restaurant has a sultry feel – lots of red, plenty of candlelight, tasteful velvet accents. It was a nice day, though, so we sat on the shaded patio. (If you're anything like me, shaded is code for not heated which is code for frigid which is Angeleno code for 65 or below. But the patio DOES have heaters and the busboy was nice enough to turn one on for us…even though the sun was still out.)



Even though it wasn't the biggest steal on the HH menu (compared to the $4 well drinks and $5 margaritas), Pilar and I both ordered The Señorita. At $7, this concoction of Camarena Silver Tequila, hibiscus, and muddled fresh lime hit the spot. And that Señorita got this Señorita buzzed inmediatamente! Definitely some bang for your buck. If by bang I mean blood alcohol content. Which I do.


The best part about the Malo happy hour, like the best part of most things that are happy, is the food. Pilar and I kept the orders coming: chips, guac, & salsa, chipotle potato tacos, and bean & cheese sliders (just a fancy way of saying mini-burrito), all of which came out to about $12. The mini-burritos hit the spot like a late-night snack—simple but dependable—but at $2 apiece, the chipotle potato tacos were the real home run of the meal. And the chips/guacamole/salsa combo was deliciously fresh—the chips are fried to order!



I like Malo. I like Malo because they use their happy hour to showcase their talent, not as an outlet to pawn off their cheap eats or cater to the financially and occupationally challenged. (Sounds way better than broke and jobless, right?!) Bottom line is, Malo is bueno. Muy bueno. So what are you waiting for? Go get feliz!




4326 W Sunset Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90029

(323) 664-1011



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