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February 27th, 2014

by Jessica Tierney



Drinking Games for the 2014 Oscars


It would be shameful to be sober for the 86th Academy Awards plus the show is really long so you need to be doing something. With that being said I’ve decided to grace you with lovehappyhour’s drinking games for this years Oscars. Surprisingly, there are barely any games out there so looks like you’re stuck with us.


Here’s the thing about our “rules” they are totally meant to be broken. If you decide that a sip for “when a winner thanks the others nominated” isn’t good enough then go ahead and chug your whole drink. I’m just providing some general guidelines for what is sure to be a show filled with sideboobs, crying, laughter, cursing and some good ole’ debauchery. I’m almost positive you will not regret playing with our rules. Until Monday. Then you’ll probably regret it when you’re driving to work. At least you won’t have paparazzi following you around documenting every moment of Sunday and Monday. All you’ll have to deal with is yourself. And your boss. Good luck with that. Happy drinking!*

We’re trying to pace ourselves here so maybe only take a SIP when these things happen on the red carpet.


-The Finger Cam: some celeb does the silly finger dance with their bling

-A celebrity photo bombs another celebrity

-One word. Selfies.

-When an actor/actress/director/etc. says, “I’m just happy to be nominated…”

-Whenever you hear these words, “I’m honored”, “humbled”, or “blessed”

-Wardrobe malfunction (i.e. sideboobs, dresses ripping, unzipped pants)

-If Amy Adams wears a plunging v-neck dress

-If an interviewer makes an awkward comment (we’ll leave this to your discretion)

-If an interviewer misidentifies someone

-For every lame joke drink some water, you need to pace yourself




Academy Awards preparation at Hollywood & Highland


In order from sip to two sips to three sips to chugging to taking a god damn shot. The 86th Academy Awards are about to get crazy. Luckily, no one gives a damn about you or if you make a fool out of yourself so just drink away.


-When a winner thanks the others nominated (sip)

-“I’d like to thank God…” (sip)

-Anytime someone screws up what the teleprompter says (sip)

-Whenever you hear these words, “I’m honored”, “humbled”, or “blessed” (sip)

-If Pink does her trapeze act. For the 2973th time. (two sips)

-When someone gets cut off in the middle of his or her speech (two sips)

-When someone gets cut off in the middle of his or her speech and keeps going (three sips)

-An unnecessary musical/dance number (three sips)

-If Leo doesn’t win. Again. (chug)

-If Leo does win. Finally. (chug)

-If Meryl doesn’t win. Finally. (chug)

-If Meryl does win. Again. (chug)

-If Ellen changes into a dress (probably won’t happen but take a shot if it does)

-If “twerking” gets brought up. (take a goddamn shot)

-For every lame joke drink some water, you need to pace yourself



OH, and we created a specialty Academy Awards cocktail for you too! Just don't chug this one..






*You should be 21 years or older to play these games. HOWEVER, I am not your mother or the police so all I can say is just be careful. NO DRIVING. Okay, that kind of sounded like my mother. I’m just going to go start drinking.

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